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Committee Members

Raymond P. Meza

Board President

Diana Gonzales

Board Secretary

Joshua D. Overfelt

Board Member

Dr. Carlos H. Rios


Sandra T. Hernandez

Administrative Director


Currently Under Review:

The following localized policies will be presented during the November meeting of the San Felipe Board of Trustees for the First Reading: First Reading of TASB Policy Update 114 affecting: 


• BE (LOCAL) Board Meetings

• BED (LOCAL) Board Meetings - Public Participation

• CDA (LOCAL) Other Revenues – Investments

• CH (LOCAL) Purchasing and Acquisition

• CKC (LOCAL) Safety Program/Risk Management - Emergency Plans

• CKE (LOCAL) Safety Program/Risk Management - Security Personnel

• CQ (LOCAL) Technology Resources

• CQB (LOCAL) Technology Resources - Cybersecurity

• DFFA (LOCAL) Reduction in Force - Financial Exigency

• DH (LOCAL) Employee Standards of Conduct

• EHBB (LOCAL) Gifted and Talented Students

• FDE (LOCAL) Admissions - School Safety Transfers

• FFAA (LOCAL) Wellness and Health Services - Physical Examinations

• FFB (LOCAL) Student Welfare - Crisis Intervention

• FFBA (LOCAL) Crisis Intervention - Trauma Informed Care

• FL (LOCAL) Student Records

• GBAA (LOCAL) Information Access - Requests for Information

• GKA (LOCAL) Community Relations - Conduct on School Premises


Recently Adopted:

TASB Policy Update 113



Board Agenda Notices for Policy Review