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Committee Members

Raymond P. Meza

Board President

Diana Gonzales

Board Vice- President

Joshua D. Overfelt

Board Member

Dr. Carlos H. Rios


Sandra T. Hernandez

Administrative Director

Currently Under Review:

TASB Policy Update 118 - Local Policy Updates affecting policies:

CFD (LOCAL) Accounting - Activity Funds Management
CQB (LOCAL) Technology Resources - Cybersecurity
DFE (LOCAL) Termination of Employment - Resignation
DP (LOCAL) Personnel Positions
EHAA (LOCAL) Basic Instructional Program - Required Instruction (All Levels)
EHBC (LOCAL) Special Programs - Compensatory/Accelerated Services
EIE (LOCAL) Academic Achievement - Retention and Promotion
FDE (LOCAL) Admissions - School Safety Transfers
FEA (LOCAL) Attendance - Compulsory Attendance
FEC (LOCAL) Attendance - Attendance for Credit
FFG (LOCAL) Student Welfare - Child Abuse and Neglect
FL (LOCAL) Student Records


Recently Adopted: