Contact Information

Amy Childress

Chief Financial Officer

Phone: 830-778-4005

Gilbert Sanchez


Phone: 830-778-4050

Paula Johnson

Director of Purchasing

Phone: 830-778-4047

Miguel Salinas

Budget Director

Phone: 830-778-4019

Annette Arreola

Payroll Supervisor

Phone: 830-778-4026

Melissa Hughes

CFO Secretary

Phone: 830-778-4005


To budget and account for all district revenue and expenditures


ACCOUNTING: To maintain and report financial data internally and externally in an efficient and accurate manner, utilizing the latest technology so that all departments can access the financial information

BUDGETING: To assemble and prepare District annual Budget; monitor, amend, report and evaluate throughout the fiscal year



To be financially accountable for all district funds to be appropriately received and recorded, appropriately expended, and appropriately invested to earn a fair return on cash


ACCOUNTING: To streamline the reporting of all financial data in a timely, accurate, and efficient manner

ACCOUNTING: To prepare and maintain District budget within all local, state, and federal guidelines



Assist district employees in all financial matters in an efficient and courteous manner

Provide assistance with coding information and provide approved forms for submission of budget

Train district personnel in budgeting and accounting procedures

Process all payments to vendors and school travelers in a timely manner

Maintain an accurate general ledger

Maintain complete and accurate financial records

Conduct and lead the annual financial audit