San Felipe Del Rio CISD Office of Innovation

315 Griner
Del Rio Texas 78840

Jane Villarreal, Chief Academic Officer

San Felipe Del Rio CISD Office of Innovation

Gabriela Torrescano, Specialist

San Felipe Del Rio CISD Office of Innovation

Margaret Galindo, Chief Innovation Officer Secretary

San Felipe Del Rio CISD Office of Innovation

Aurora Guerra, Principal

Robert "Bobby" Barrera Elementary STEM Magnet School

Cynthia Sahagun, Principal

Dual Language Academy, Lamar Elementary

Jorge Jurado, Principal

Dual Language Academy, Buena Vista Elementary

Cheryl Pond, Principal

New Tech Middle School, San Felipe Memorial Middle School

Roger Soto, Principal

STEM Academy, Ceniza Hills Elementary

Santiaga Salas, Principal

STEM Academy, Dr. Fermin Calderon Elementary




Dual Language Academy is available at Buena Vista Elementary and Lamar Elementary

What is the Dual Language Academy?

Imagine your kindergarten student twelve years from now, ready to face the world speaking, reading, and writing in English and Spanish. So many doors would open for them–from law enforcement to teaching, medicine, construction, law, or anything they dream of! SFDRCISD offers a Dual Language Academy, where students will be taught literacy and content in both languages. The academy will be in place at Buena Vista Elementary and Lamar Elementary and will continue to be offered to these students as they move up the elementary grade levels. The overall goal of the academy is for students to be bilingual (speak fluently in both English and Spanish) and biliterate (read and write in both English and Spanish). The Dual Language Academy follows a Two-Way Dual Language Model, with English-speaking and Spanish-speaking students learning side by side. Through collaboration and interaction, both groups of students become bilingual and biliterate in both languages. Both Spanish and English native speakers are welcome to save their seats today!



Elementary STEM Academy is available at Ceniza Hills Elementary, Dr. Fermin Calderon Elementary, and Robert "Bobby" Barrera STEM Magnet School

What is the Elementary STEM Academy?

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education is a method of hands-on teaching and learning where students learn to apply academic content by creatively solving real-world problems with innovative design-based thinking to prepare students for future career opportunities. The ultimate goal of the program is to encourage students to take an interest in STEM subjects at an early age, which guides them to better career prospects in the future. The SFDR Elementary STEM Academy will be offered at Ceniza Hills Elementary, Dr. Fermin Calderon Elementary, and Robert "Bobby" Barrera Elementary. It will adopt an immersion model, where students will experience academic content through integrated STEM activities regularly throughout the year. Students will gain knowledge and skills by working on authentic projects that are engaging, and address a complex question, problem, or challenge. STEM experiences will be embedded into the lesson cycle, integrated across the curriculum, and aligned with TEKS standards.



New Tech Middle School is available at San Felipe Memorial Middle School and Del Rio Middle School

What is the New Tech Middle School Academy?

In the SFDR New Tech program, students will learn through Project Based Learning (PBL). They will be actively engaged in real-world and personally meaningful projects. The New Tech Middle School Academy is offered at San Felipe Memorial Middle School and Del Rio Middle School to inspire students to learn in a way that is deep and long-lasting. It will foster a love of learning and add a personal connection to their academic experiences. Through projects, students will develop key knowledge, an understanding of content and the world around them, and success skills easily transferable to the real world. The Project-Based Learning model offers students opportunities to think critically, create, collaborate, and communicate through engaged inquiry and a learning process that starts with the end in mind. Furthermore, students will exercise their voice and choice while interacting with an authentic, real-world audience.