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Important information about the Remote Learning Instruction


SFDRCISD has implemented a Remote Learning Instructional Plan for all students in the district.   All instructional information is located under the INSTRUCTION tab.  The resources found in this section include:

  • A power point outlining the action steps established by SFDRCISD on the implementation of the Remote Learning Instructional Plan.
  • A tutorial video guiding parents and students through accessibility features found in the Planning Protocol Dashboard. This tutorial video will navigate you through the grade level lessons by content, videos created by teachers, and district software programs available for students found under My APPS.
  • The Remote Learning Instruction Lessons
  • Due Date Calendar for Lessons

The Planning Protocol Dashboard will continue to serve as the central location for Remote Learning Instruction.  Teachers are working diligently to create and submit lesson plans and resources that will be uploaded on this platform on a weekly basis.

COVID-19 Update

Posted by Communication Services on 3/19/2020

If a person exhibits COVID-19 symptoms

As a reminder, COVID-19 symptoms include a fever of 100 degrees, cough, and/or difficulty breathing. If a person exhibits these symptoms, they should contact their physician or healthcare provider, immediately. For more information visit the Texas Department of State Health Services (TDSH) website or call Val Verde Regional Medical Center’s Nurse Advice Line with any questions you may have at 1-844-432-5391. If you choose to go to the Emergency Room, please call prior to arrival at (830)- 703-1702.



Who should self-quarantine?

Self-quarantine means staying at home and away from others and self-monitoring for symptoms, including doing daily temperature checks. Individuals in the following categories should self-quarantine for 14 days per the CDC:

For example, Sally’s spouse, Robert was recently confirmed to have COVID-19. Sally should self-quarantine for 14 days per the CDC, monitor symptom, and notify her healthcare provider and Public Health if she becomes ill.

Who does not need to self-quarantine?

Close contacts, such as family members or roommates, of people who have had close contact with a confirmed case do not need to self-quarantine.

For example, John is a healthcare provider who has had contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case at work. He does not have any respiratory symptoms. His son, Joe, does not need to self-quarantine and does not need evaluation or testing for COVID-19. However, if John becomes sick with COVID-19, Joe will need to self-quarantine.