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Libana Z. Milender

Phone: (830) 778-4104


Technology has had a tremendous impact on the way students learn and the way that teachers teach.  The Instructional Technology division is committed to supporting the teaching and learning process in a way that truly impacts academic excellence.  Through the access of digital content for curriculum and 21st century tools for instruction, our possibilities are endless!

Digital Content

Digital natives access content daily using web resources and electronic books.  Now, with schools embracing 1:1 initiatives where each student has their own device, the opportunity to access - and create - digital content has arrived.  Libraries are transforming to meet the needs of today's digital learners by providing ebooks for checkout when available.  Teachers are using digital videos, audio, and textbooks to bring the curriculum to life for students. 

SFDRCISD teachers and curriculum leaders are working hard to launch digital textbooks for 2015-2016.  Students in grades 9-12 will be able to access curriculum 24/7 for the following courses:  Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, US History, World History, Economics, and Government.

21st Century Tools

As students become more immersed in technology, the interactive, animated, information-seeking environment is the one that most mirrors their day-to-day tasks.  21st century tools in the schools foster and support increased understanding of academic concepts and skills. 

Currently, teachers across the district are exploring ways to design transformation environments and learning processes.  Through support from C&I, instructional coaches, and customized online training through Atomic Learning, teachers are implementing 21st century strategies that embody collaboration and innovation.


Planning Protocol Dashboard

Curriculum roadmaps and resources are now available 24/7 to support instructional planning and implementation. New this year is the sharing of strategies through the launch of our Planning Protocol Dashboard. This custom built dashboard allows for Planning Protocol Groups to access curriculum materials, testing materials, resources and Exemplar Lessons at the click of a mouse or swipe of a touchscreen.