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General Information

The Superintendent Evaluation Instrument consists of two parts: Performance Goals for the superintendent and items that assess performance on ongoing management responsibilities of the superintendent. In assessing performance on both the goals and the ongoing responsibilities, the Board will consult data provided by the superintendent on the Commissioner’s Recommended Student Performance Domain Worksheet, data referred to in the specific items, and other data the board as a whole deems relevant to the assessment.

The Performance Goals for the superintendent form the primary focus of the evaluation. They were developed in relation to established District Goals and/or other priorities established by the Board for the superintendent. For assistance in setting Performance Goals, the Board may wish to consult the TASB publication, Developing Superintendent Performance Goals.

The function of the assessment of ongoing responsibilities is both to assess general management performance and to assist the Board and superintendent in identifying issues and areas they may wish to address with a Performance Goal during the following evaluation year. This is a secondary aspect of the evaluation and should be used primarily to assess ongoing improvements in the District and plan for superintendent priorities in coming years.