FCCLA Region V

Adventure Awaits FCCLA Competitors in 2023!

FCCLA Ram Chapter members attended and competed in the Family Career and Community Leaders of America

Leadership Conference and STAR Events Competition Jan. 26-28, 2023 in Corpus Christi , Texas. 

Members developed projects and took content tests in hopes of advancing to the State level later this spring. 

This year members focused many of their projects on reading and working with special education children around the school and community.   Other members demonstrated their career and personal development projects in individual events. 

Placing 5th in Career Investigation was Alberto Duran.  Claudia Vasquez  and Elaina Sanchez placed 5th in Focus on Children.  Placing 2nd in Job Interview was Nayeli Cordova .  2nd place in Interpersonal Communications was Nayeli Martinez and Yoselin Zapata.  Karla Robles and Natalie Cordova placed 4th in Professional Presentation.  Placing 4th in Sports Nutrition was Annaliz Rustad and 4th in Sustainability Challenge was Eric Flores.  Spotlight on Community Service and People’s Choice award went to Cassandra Martinez.  Competing in National Program in Action was the team of Erick Garcia, Emily Jimenez and Bella Rodriguez. 

Members also received medals for FCSA Content Tests.  Results were:  Gold -Claudia Vasquez, Silver-Yoselin Zapata and Cassandra Martinez, Bronze-Annaliz Rustad, Elaina Sanchez, Bella Rodriguez and Alberto Duran.

FCCLA is a student led leadership organization with the family as the focus.  It is a Career and Technical Student Organization and part of Career and Technical Education (CTE) which is under the direction of Roger Gonzalez.  Advisors are Linda Corbell and JoAnna Zamora.  For more information go to fcclainc.org.