Del Rio Athletics

I believe the ultimate Athletic program responsibility is to be a major contributor in the positive development of compassionate, knowledgeable, honest, hardworking, and morally strong young women and young men. Our GOAL is to develop and build the best athletic teams/individuals possible, but our PURPOSE is in the development of CHARACTER, MORALS, VALUES, and to give HOPE to our student athletes.

Del Rio Athletics is an enhancement and extension of the educational process, for all student athletes in San Felipe Del Rio CISD. Through athletic participation, we will contribute to the development of ousting compassionate leaders at Del Rio Middle School, Del Rio Freshman School, Del Rio High School, our Del Rio community, and our society.

Del Rio Athletics will always strive to achieve the highest level of excellence in our student athletes on and off the playing field, court, track, and course. Our student athletes will be held to the highest academic standards and strictest code of conduct on and off the field(s) of play.

Del Rio Athletes will educate all participants on expressing great sportsmanship and displaying positive leadership qualities at all times. By using sound and proven fitness and nutritional regiments, Del Rio Athletics will provide for the positive development and enhancement of our student athlete's self-image and overall health: physical, mental, and emotional. Del Rio Athletics will never condone any acts of mistreatment toward others or the use of illegal drugs or alcohol at any time. 


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