San Felipe Memorial Middle School

Math Department

Mrs. Leticia Reyna 

Mrs. Ann Castorena (Co-Teach)

Ms. Dolimer Gonzalez - Department Head

Mrs. Analisa Patiño

Mrs. Marianela Leal

Ms. Ashley Rust (Co-Teach)

Mrs. Kristen Melton (Co-Teach)

Mrs. Janie Morales

Mrs. Alma Rojas (Academic Support)

Ms. Dolores Sanchez (Academic Support)

Ms. Mayela Bernal

Miss Kayla Riley 

Ms. Karen Dunlap - Sp. Ed. Aide

Mrs. Deliacorin Vallejo - Computer Lab Manager

Mr. James Kay (Co-Teah)


Science Department

Mrs. Nerissa Winn 

Mrs. Cora Cirildo

Mrs. Carole Trisler - Department Head

Ms. Johanna Oballe


Social Studies Department

Mr. Gilbert Polanco

Mr. Mario Cuellar - Department Head

Mr. Gilbert Ochoa

Mr. Fernando Treviño


DEPARTMENT GOAL:  The goal for our Social Studies department is to provide the study of culture, history, economics, geography and governments (limited and Unlimited) of the seven continents around the world.  The primary purpose of social studies is to help our students become informed and make reasonable decisions for the public good as citizens of a culturally diverse, democratic society in an interdependent world.  The SFMMS Social Studies program prepares students to make politically, socially, and economically informed decisions. Through completing our coursework, our students will be better able to collaborate and interact with others in a diverse and ever-changing world. 


ACADEMIC GOAL: The Social Studies academic goal is to identify each students short and long-term goals and print our quintiles at the end of every 6 weeks and review the results of the 1st 6 weeks with each student and to set a short term goal for the 2nd 6 weeks.  The long term goal would be where we want each student to accomplish by the end of year.  The students goals need to be  realistic and fit their, personality, lifestyle and values. Each 6 weeks the goals will change to be able track each students progress with the end in mind.

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