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April 20, 2018– Over the past few months the school administrations of San Felipe Del Rio CISD, Comstock ISD and Brackett ISD have been discussing the issue on school transportation boundaries as outlined under Chapter 791 of the Texas Government Code, Texas Education Code 34.007(a) and Texas Attorney Ken Paxton’s Opinion KP-0166. Brackett Independent School District and Comstock Independent School District are currently operating a public school transportation system within the boundaries of San Felipe-Del Rio Consolidated Independent School District, and regularly transport students who live within SFDRCISD boundaries to attend their schools.

In a letter released from the Texas Education Agency today to Superintendents, the Agency explains that because the Attorney General’s Opinion was issued at the end of the Legislative session, the Texas Legislature has not had an opportunity to review and resolve the enrollment statute (TEC§25.036) and the transportation statute (TEC§34.007). TEA further adds that in order to allow the Legislature the opportunity to resolve this apparent conflict, a district that requests waivers for the 2018-19 school year from the interlocal agreement requirement in TEC §34.007(a)(2) will be granted such a waiver.

Therefore, SFDRCISD will abide by the Commissioner’s letter and encourage Comstock ISD and Brackettville ISD to request the waiver from the interlocal agreement under TEC §34.007(a)(2) until the Texas Legislature reviews and informs schools districts across Texas of any further action. The Superintendent and the Board of Trustees will continue to maintain open communication with the superintendents and school board trustees of CISD and BISD.

San Felipe Del Rio CISD wishes the students in all three districts much success in the remaining months of the 2017-18 school year, a safe summer and a productive 2018-2019 school year. SFDRCISD is proud to offer excellent educational and academic opportunities for all students in the Del Rio community and will continue to offer award-winning Career and Technical Education (CTE), Fine Arts and athletics programs.