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SFDRCISD Conducts Safe School Planning and Active Shooter Exercise Training

The San Felipe Del Rio CISD takes extreme pride in announcing the successful completion of Phase One of a three-phase exercise which will prepare the District’s schools in the event of targeted school violence. SFDRCISD Police Chief Duane Maldonado explains that the active shooter exercise held at Del Rio High School last month is the first of “a three-phase process which has been in the works for nearly 16 months.” Schools nationwide are faced with many challenges in safety and security. For years, Chief Duane Maldonado has worked closely with our local law enforcement partners to ensure the safety of the District.  “We have a never-ending commitment to each other to ensure the safety of our community and our District.  Because of this commitment, we are now leading the way for other Districts to follow”, Chief Duane Maldonado said.

In June of 2016, the SFDRCISD Police Department coordinated with the Del Rio Police Department and the Val Verde County Sheriff’s Office to train their commissioned Police Officers in the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT) protocol for law enforcement officers in an active shooter incident. By the start of the 2016-17 school year in August, the Del Rio Police Department and the SFDRCISD Police Department trained the school district’s security guards, campus administrators, teachers and staff in the Citizens Response to Active Shooter Events (CRASE) training. This training, is the standard response protocol for all noncommissioned police officers and civilian personnel.

In the spring of 2017, the school board requested that the SFDRCISD Police Department continue its training efforts and begin the process of implementing full-blown exercises in coordination with all local law enforcement agencies. SFDRCISD Police Chief Duane Maldonado then partnered with Emergency Management Coordinators from the Texas Department of Public Safety, the City of Del Rio and the US Border Patrol to develop a comprehensive plan for obtaining specialized training which would eventually lead to the training of the District’s campus administrators. In the months that followed, principals and their assistants were trained with an overview of the three distinct phases of an active shooter incident: Active Shooter, Evacuation, and Reunification. During this process, the SFDRCISD Police Department continued to meet with Del Rio PD, the Border Patrol Emergency Management team and the Texas DPS Emergency Management team to plan the culminating activity which would close out Phase 1 – the Active Shooter Functional Exercise. This June, the SFDRCISD Police Department and partnering law enforcement completed a successful functional exercise at Del Rio High School. This exercise provided an experience for the school and law enforcement participants to demonstrate their preparation and implementation of the protocols learned during their training. This initial phase will lead into the implementation of the second and third phases of strategic training in the coming months.

SFDRCISD Police Chief Maldonado reports that 100% of the school district’s commissioned police officers are fully trained in the ALERRT Protocol and nearly 100% of teachers and staff have completed the CRASE Protocol training. He adds that SFDRCISD “will continue to train law enforcement officers and District staff utilizing these best practices.” Chief Maldonado credits the success of the safe schools training to the partnership, collaborative efforts and support of all local law enforcement agencies and the SFDRCISD school board.