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October 3, 2017– Nearly a month ago Hurricane Harvey made landfall on the east Texas coastline impacting several communities, school districts, families and their children. As soon as the news spread of the destruction Hurricane Harvey left in our Texas communities, many staff, students, and school organizations came forward eager to assist. Due to the overwhelming response, and in the spirit of helping communities impacted by this catastrophic natural disaster, San Felipe Del Rio C.I.S.D. decided that it would consolidate its efforts in hopes that we could assist a school district in their efforts in meeting the needs of their students, staff, and families. A few weeks ago, District leadership was able to connect with Santa Fe Independent School District, a school district who is most similar to our S.F.D.R.C.I.S.D. community.

Santa Fe I.S.D., based in Santa Fe, Texas, serves the communities of League City, La Marque, Hitchcock, and Dickinson in Galveston County. According to the Dr. Jacqueline Schuman, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction for Santa Fe I.S.D., “Thirty percent of their staff and roughly 30% of their students either have suffered significant damage or have lost their family homes. Many of the families are currently living with other family members or in hotel rooms.” Through their Education Foundation, Santa Fe I.S.D. has set up a Harvey Relief Fund and a Classroom Wish List through the Santa Fe I.S.D. to help their families.

Our District leadership, campus administrators, staff, and students are eager to help Santa Fe I.S.D.’s families recover from the devastating rains and floods. With this in mind, schools across our District will lead the effort in a Harvey Relief Fundraiser for Santa Fe I.S.D. during the next couple of weeks. Anyone in our Del Rio community is invited to offer their support and contributions towards the families of our sister district. Community groups, organizations or individuals interested in contributing to the Harvey Relief Fundraiser for Santa Fe I.S.D. are asked to contact Mrs. Sandra Hernandez, Administrative Director, at (830) 778-4073.

To our knowledge, the District is not aware of any ties to Santa Fe I.S.D., but San Felipe Del Rio C.I.S.D., having experienced our own families devastated by natural disasters, is eagerly stepping up to help – just because it’s our way.