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San Felipe Lions Club Thanks DRHS Teachers Awards $45,000 in Scholarships to Seniors

June 2, 2018– Two weeks ago, the San Felipe Lions Club recognized and awarded an astounding $45,000 in scholarships to eighty-three graduating high school seniors. Recognized as one of the world’s largest service club organizations, the San Felipe Lions Club is most noted for their unwavering service to the Del Rio and SFDRCISD community.

On Friday, San Felipe Lions Club Scholarship Chairman Abe Casillas dropped by Del Rio High School to present the teachers, counselors, and administrators with fruit trays and a “Thank You” letter for their support and countless letters of recommendation for the students applying for their scholarship program. The letter applauds the commitment and dedication of the DRHS teachers and staff to our youth, and shares that their letters “make a big difference and help our club members to get to know the students that apply for our program.” Mr. Casillas added that the scholarship committee recognizes the devote hours and energy the teachers put in to help their students. The San Felipe Lions Club is grateful for their tremendous support, and is in awe of the future ambitions our young leaders have.