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June 19, 2019

Protect San Felipe Creek



SFDRCISD Supports Goal to Protect San Felipe Creek

Working to clean, restore and enjoy San Felipe Creek now and for generations to come, SFDRCISD and Texas Parks & Wildlife have kicked-off a multi-level collaborative campaign aimed to educate and engage families in caring for, maintaining and preserving San Felipe Creek. Over the past few months, TPWD and volunteers have launched several Clean Up activities along San Felipe Creek which at times has resulted in the discovery of abandoned shopping carts, tires, mattresses, and other sorts of discarded trash.

“Our hope is to reach everyone –every family, private citizen and public entity”, explains TPWD Devils River State Natural Area Superintendent Joe Joplin. “Exposing the problem is a first step in fixing it. There has to be accountability for these actions. Through our collaborative efforts, we can eliminate the perception that dumping trash along San Felipe Creek is tolerated behavior and keep the creek and its surrounding areas healthy and vibrant for use by the creek’s wildlife inhabitants, local residents and visitors.”

The initiative, appropriately named “Protect San Felipe Creek” was officially launched this past May with an encouraging video produced by school district staff, students and Texas Parks & Wildlife. The video describes the campaign and its keystone slogan – “No Mas Basura, No More Trash!” TPWD also presented classroom materials and mini-lessons on protecting San Felipe Creek to each elementary campus principal for their implementation during the last week of school. Through this effort, SFDRCISD has reached nearly 4,000 students up to 5th grade and hopes that through this campaign children will share this information with their families and further reach our community. “We want to help by doing our part in helping to protect San Felipe Creek”, explained Dr. Carlos Rios, SFDRCISD superintendent. “By educating our families and reminding everyone not to dump trash in the creek and in our parks, we can preserve the beauty that our community has to offer.”

Click here to view the Protect San Felipe Creek video.

For more information on how to help and volunteer for Protect San Felipe Creek, please contact TPWD at 830-431-2509.