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North Heights Elementary Kindergarten Class Breaks District Attendance Record

April 24, 2018– The carrot in Miss Theela Rodriguez’ kindergarten class at North Heights Elementary was a trip to Mr. Gatti’s for lunch and a movie at Cinemark Theatres if they reached, as an entire class, 75 consecutive days of perfect attendance. On Thursday, May 19th, they reached that milestone, but vowed to continue to encourage each other to reach their ultimate goal of 100 consecutive days of perfect attendance. Today, the kindergarteners have reached yet another milestone (78 days of perfect attendance) and have broken the previous District record (77 days of perfect attendance) held by Mr. Brian Westlake’s 2008/2009 fourth grade class at Garfield.  To commemorate their achievement, the class was treated to an ice cream social this afternoon and is planning a greater celebration for the 100 Day milestone.

Miss Rodriguez attributes her students’ success and enthusiasm for school attendance to the motivation and encouragement to reach attendance milestones set at NHE, and the commitment and support provided by her student’s parents. Their first reward incentive came when they reached 20 consecutive days of perfect attendance and were treated to a pizza party. Then a second set of 20 days of perfect attendance came thereafter. “Getting students to attend school was a challenge, especially when students started to become sick”. Miss Rodriguez shared that she met with parents and explained their class goal of achieving 100 consecutive days of school attendance. “After I told them what our goal was, we had our parents on board. We made sure to keep everything clean (to help prevent the spread of illness) and that our students were always in good health.” Because of their hard work and motivation, 17 out of the 19 students enrolled Miss Rodriguez’s class have achieved perfect attendance since the beginning of the school year. That’s phenomenal!

San Felipe Del Rio CISD continues the energized efforts to motivate all students – no matter what age or grade in believing that they can achieve success by attending school every day. The “Attend Today, Achieve Tomorrow!” campaign promotes the idea that every student can reach their goal of graduating high school, which ultimately leads to achieving their dreams of attending college and/or the workforce if they attend school today and every day.