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Correctional System & Practice Dual Credit students from Del Rio High School recently participated in an educational tour of the Val Verde County Jail. Sheriff Joe Frank Martinez conducted the tour for the students. Students were shown specific areas within the jail such as the interview rooms, holding cells, the intake and processing areas. Meal preparation, male and female living quarters, and learning about the differences between a jail and a prison were all included in the presentational tour. Mr. Glafiro Santellanes, CTE law enforcement teacher, follows a set of objectives that are mandated by the state and by providing educational tours and presentations for the students, it brings about a more meaningful learning experience for the students. These students are part of the Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security cluster in the growing CTE Program. CTE programs continues to be an integral part of the student’s education and strives in not only preparing students for an opportunity in postsecondary education, but also to