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Community Leaders Step in to Help Out “The Dexters”

May 4, 2018– Imagine an after-school club where relationships have the power to change how students view and understand science. Imagine a group of children who are encouraged to explore, experiment, and discover in a mentor-driven setting which fosters the development of skills, critical thinking and problem solving. Finally, imagine that the only requirement to be a member of this club is not having been a member of any club. At Ruben Chavira Elementary, one such club has sparked the curiosity and interest of the minds of its 3rd and 4th graders.

The Dexters Science Club was created as an innovative idea funded by the SFDRCISD Education Foundation in 2016. The group, which meets once a week with teacher sponsors Kelly Lujan, Michele Tschetter, Cynthia Martinez and Monica Rivera, has nearly doubled its participation over the past two years. The Dexters have participated in many hands-on experiments and nature-inspired activities such as exploring the crystal formations in Sonora Caverns, incubating duck eggs to study about the life cycle, watching the night sky through a telescope, and watching the bats swarm out of a cave at Kickapoo State Park. The Dexters are always learning!

This year, the sponsors planned on continuing the Dexters’ road to discovery by taking them on a trip to Corpus Christi, Texas, to swim in the ocean and spend the night at the Texas State Aquarium. However, despite their many fund raising attempts (candy sales and movie nights), their fundraising efforts fell short. Wanting to make this experience a reality, several community leaders stepped in to help. During their weekly gathering this Thursday, local McDonald’s franchise owners Frank Mendoza, Elena and Manuel Pacheco; The Bank and Trust, represented by Belinda Reyes surprised the group of students, parents and sponsors with a check. School Board President Joshua Overfelt, also presented donations on behalf of Dr. Robert C. and Glenda Overfelt, and Dr. Edson Martinez. Collectively, these dynamic community leaders donated well over $2,000 to help fund a charter bus for the club’s trip. “We truly appreciate the support and want you to know that you are helping some of the best and brightest kids in Del Rio” explained Mrs. Kelly Lujan in her letter to the sponsors. “Our students love science and we’re hoping that all of these experiences will spark a passion in them that will change their future.”


The Bank & Trust, represented by Belinda Reyes 



McDonald’s, represented by Manuel Pacheco, Elena Pacheco and Frank Mendoza