Garfield Elementary

Library Notes

The new school year is here and in full swing! Parents PLEASE check with your child to find out their A/R goals for the six weeks.  Garfield will host AR Test Fests throughout the six weeks for students who would like to catch up on their reading. Check the monthly calendars.

A/R program

A/R will be up and running soon!! !  The A/R program will be in full swing shortly after the school year begins. Library orientations will begin and the students will be given their library folders and permission slips in order to check out books. If your child still has a pending charge from last year please make arrangements with the school library for payments.  The library will also continue with a reward systems so help your child achieve their goal to earn a reward and have some fun!!

Library Goals

Strategies to help your child are to provide them with daily reading time so they can test and achieve their goal. Our librarian Mrs. Viesca and her wonderful staff are ready to assist students and parents in checking out books. Keep up with your child's progress through the Renassaince Parent Connection.  If you have any questions regarding A/R and your child's goals feel free to ask their teacher about it, or contact our librarian Ms. Ramon. Also check with your child's teacher about the Parent Connection for Renaissaince. Happy reading!

Library Hours

 7:30 to 3:30 Monday - Friday

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