Language Arts Department


ELA Department Goal

As a department, we will create powerful, engaging lessons that will incorporate all learning styles to give each individual student a great sense of success.

Mrs. Renee Montgomery- Department Head

Mrs. Claudia Ortiz

Mrs. Carole Trisler- (Co-Teacher)

Mrs. Claudia Carranco

Ms. Dina Y. Sanchez (Co-Teacher)

Mrs. Rosa Ramirez-Claudio

Mrs. Sara Cienega

Mrs. Isabella Fernandez

Miss Karla Martinez

Mrs. Abby Smith

Mrs. Maria Salinas

Miss Gabriela Gonzales (Co-Teacher)

Mrs. Olga Garza - ESL

Mrs. Gloria Calderon - ESL Instructional Aide

Mrs. Maria Gutierrez




Academic Goal

While developing an appreciation of reading an assortment of literature, the learners will be able to independently utilize all levels of Bloom's Taxonomy.


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