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Ask your child for their January 2016 calendar that was sent home!

                                    Welcome to Garfield !
                                                                "Empowering Students to Achieve" 

Garfield's Mission Statement
Garfield Elementary exists to empower students to form, embrace, and achieve a vision for successful life-long learning by establishing a nurturing environment that promotes high expectations and positive relationships among family, school, and community.

Our Vision Statement
We the Garfield staff will provide a solid fountation enabling Garfield students to achieve high levels of academic performance while fostering positive growth in social/emotional behavior and attitude.

Our Belief Statement
We believe that all Garfield students will become life long learners. 

S.F.D.R.C.I.S.D.'s Science Fair is Thursday!!

February 4th in the Civic Center

Come on out to view all the projects and applaud the winners starting at 5:00.  

We're so excited to see all the projects and are looking forward to rooting on the winners at the district show Thursday!

Let's all Be Calm and Science Fair On!!!


Kinder Parent Night is February 11th !




Garfield's 2nd Annual Talent Show will be held February 18th at 6:00 in the school cafeteria. Come all to enjoy the many talents of our Garfield kiddos!

Admission will be $5 adults, $2 Students 5 to 18, and kids under 4 years old free :)


               Progress Reports will go home this week on Thursday February 11th .




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To commemorate President's Day, our students will be off  February 15th for the holiday and to have an opportunity to learn about our president's and enjoy the day off :)


UIL Champs !!

Garfield Elementary proudly took home the 3rd place champion win at the UIL District competition last weekend! We are SO proud of all our students and their hard work and are ever so thankful to the coaches for their time and effort they have put into helping our Garfield students become winners. Thank you to all our wonderful Garfield parents as well for their support in allowing your children to stay for practice and to provide transportation for your child when needed. We would also like to thank our awesome administrative team of Principal Sahagun and Assistant Principal Ramos for all their encouragement and support with our Garfield students.

Go Garfield!!!



                                            We ARE a Bully Free Campus !!

Here at Garfield we are a Bully Free school.  Our counselor Ms. J. Ponce invited "Mr. Wayne" from the BCFS organization to provide a Bully Free presentation to the campus.

The Garfield students and staff were delighted at Mr. Wayne's message of "Don't be a bully."

The kids learned that bullying is a "Thumbs down" way to be and our students all want to get the "Thumbs Up!" for their behavior.

The presentation continued with Mr. Wayne leading the conversation with the students as to why a bully would be a bully.  The students gave their responses as to what they thought were the reasons a bully is a bully.



Garfield is on a quest to be the best bully free campus and the students participated together to take a stand to vow together to be STRONG against bullying. 

The students were led by Ms. Ponce to hear reasons why they should be bully free and to encourage the students to sign a pledge to be Bully Free!


Garfield School encourages all parents and family to discuss bullying with their loved ones and help to end all bullying.   Bully Free!!!  Bully Free!!! Bully Free!!!


Garfield's Fabulous 5th Graders hosted Parent Night last night!

Garfield's Fabulous 5th graders entertained parents and staff last here at Garfield with warm and fun songs to bring in the holidays. Happy Winter Holidays all!!


 Operation XL Junior Deployment

A select few Garfield Elementary students had the privilege of attending the Operation XL Junior Deployment progrma hosted by the Laughlin Air Force Base this past Saturday Nov. 7th. The students were chosen from among 130 Garfield students because of their outstanding demeanor. They represented Garfield with the upmost pride in fulfilling their duties as an officer in the Air Force for a day. Their experience will provide them with a lifetime of memories and possibly lead these fine students into a life in the armed forces. Garfield thanks the Laughlin Air Force base for hosting the program and to Mrs. Cheryl Pond, Vice-Principal of North Heights Elementary for initiating the program and coordinating it. We hope this becomes a yearly event to allow students an opportunity to see what the "life of an officer" is for a day...and maybe a lifetime.


      Garfield Elementary says "NO to drugs!" We are a drug free campus and we fully support any initiative to prevent drugs from being around our wonderful children. Please support your child by speaking to them about being drug free and "Just saying NO!"


                       Pretty in Pink!!

Garfield staff supports Breast Cancer Awareness by wearing pink to show their support for all victims of breast cancer.  Everyday is a "pink" day.



Garfield's Student Council officers!

Garfield's Student Council officers for the 2015 - 2016 School year are....

President - Jaiden Sanchez 

Vice-President - Emily Arredondo

Secretary - Luciana DeLos Reyes

Treasurer - Max Moreno

Historian - Dallas "Dallie" Tamayo

                    We're looking forward to a great year of leadership with these Garfield Students! Please contact any of the officers if you have questions about Garfield or would like help with anything. They're here for you!!

Pictured are: Emily G. Arredondo, Luciana DeLos Reyes, Jaiden Sanchez, Dallas Tamayo and Max Moreno


 We're at mid-way point in the 3rd Six weeks!

            Be sure to look for progress report that will be going home next week! 


Dear parents of STAAR takers....

This coming up 2015 -2016 school year is sure to bring on a new year of great academic learning. Grades 3rd thru 5th will take STAAR exams in the spring but will prepare, by learning the TEKS taught in class, for the test. Our 3rd through 5th graders will be taking a STAAR benchmark to practice for the upcoming STAAR test.  Please be sure your child is in school everyday during these days!  Be sure to ask your child's teacher of ways to help prepare you child for everyday learning, as well as, pointers on how to be successful on any test, not just the STAAR.  Will preparedness, your child will SHINE like a STAR!!!


      Cafeteria Notes: 


HI Parents!  

Time for hungry kids?! The cafeteria is ready to serve your hungry child for breakfast AND lunch! AND...They are doing is so much better with SFE!  SFE promotes healthy choices for lunch and our students are definitely enjoying and participating in the beautiful salad bar and choices they have for lunch.

Parents, be sure to check with the cafeteria for your child's balance fund. You may deposit more money anytime by visiting the Cafeteria staff to ensure your child's lunch money is available for them when they need it. 

The cafeteria personnel keep up with our students accounts and will notify you if your child's account has a charge on it for not having funds.  Please pay your child's lunch charges as soon as possible.  Lunch applications for a free or reduced lunch, are available at the Food Services office.  They are located behind the Pupil Services office. 

Parents, if your child does NOT want to eat what is provided on the menu, PLEASE send them with a lunch from home. They need the energy and "brain food" to be successful on a daily basis!  Thanks!

Thank you wonderful Garfield families !!


                   Garfield has team spirit and we show it in EVERYTHING we do"

We as a TEAM, parents, students, and staff, can help push our students, school, and community to be the BEST! At Garfield this means our TEAM Garfield IS...

Giving it our   All to Realize Fabulous Ideas so Everyone Learns through Diversity !!

Let's go TEAM Garfield and "Begin with the end in mind" as we take on our day and look forward to the end of the year achieving success.  We will be ACTIVE to become PRO's!!

We can, and WILL, do it!! Si se puede!!


    Library Notes:

 A/R is full in bloom!  The A/R program has begun and your child will have goals to achieve.  Double check with your child about their six weeks A/R goals. Provide them with daily reading time so they can test and achieve their goal. Our librarian Ms. Ramon and her wonderful staff are ready to assist students and parents in checking out books. Keep up with your child's progress through the Renassaince Parent Connection.  If you have any questions regarding A/R and your child's goals feel free to ask their teacher about it, or contact our librarian Ms. Ramon. Also check with your child's teacher about the Parent Connection for Renaissaince. Happy reading!



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