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Please visit the district website for lunch and breakfast menus. 

Ask your child for their May/June 2016 calendar!

                                    Welcome to Garfield !
                                                                "Empowering Students to Achieve" 

Garfield's Mission Statement
Garfield Elementary exists to empower students to form, embrace, and achieve a vision for successful life-long learning by establishing a nurturing environment that promotes high expectations and positive relationships among family, school, and community.

Our Vision Statement
We the Garfield staff will provide a solid fountation enabling Garfield students to achieve high levels of academic performance while fostering positive growth in social/emotional behavior and attitude.

Our Belief Statement
We believe that all Garfield students will become life long learners. 







Garfield Elementary hosted Career Day with over 40 community members who showed off thier careers to our Garfield Students. The students had a blast learning about the different careers and look forward to becoming "just like" the career leaders who visited our campus. Garfield Elementary would like to send out a HUGE "THANK YOU!!!" to all the community members who so generously gave up time from their busy lives to enrich the lives of our Garfield students by educating them about the various career opportunities available to them in their future.

Go Del Rio Leaders, GO!!!



To Garfield's very own Vanessa Martinez!!!

Vanessa has been elected as Garfield's Teacher of the Year!

Way to go Vanessa!!!!



Garfield’s talented children created artwork which can be purchased on line at this time. The items are personalized in the catalog with YOUR child's artwork! Celebrate your child’s artistic achievement and order timeless keepsakes to cherish for years to come!  The profits from the Square One Art Project will directly benefit Garfield and your child's education. Go and check out the following website for more information!

Parents – you may continue to ORDER ONLINE! Just visit their website at:


Dear parents of STAAR takers!!

        STAAR season has come and gone...for now! 

Grades 3rd, 4th and 5th took the last regular rounds of the STAAR exams the week of 9th of May.  The last round will be during the summer. Check with your child, and your child's teacher, regarding your child's scores.

Thank you for supporting and encouraging your child to be their best in ALL areas everyday!  

Please check with your child teacher about the extended school year!

Ask your child's teacher of ways to help prepare you child for everyday learning, as well as, pointers on how to be successful on any test, not just the STAAR!  With preparedness, your child will...

                                                                                 Be a STAR!!


       We're almost done with the 2015 - 2016 school year!

                            Time is flying by!!! 

              Be sure to look for your child's report card that will be sent home on the last day of school. Also if you will be sure to clear any pending charges with the library. Any student with pending charges will have to be cleared prior to receiving their final report card.  



           And the winners of the Science Fair Competition for 5th Grade are....

Dallie Tamayo,

Emily Arredondo,

Albert Vargas,

and Dylan Aubry!!!!


                                     UIL Champs !!

Garfield Elementary proudly took home the 3rd place champion win at the UIL District competition last weekend! We are SO proud of all our students and their hard work and are ever so thankful to the coaches for their time and effort they have put into helping our Garfield students become winners. Thank you to all our wonderful Garfield parents as well for their support in allowing your children to stay for practice and to provide transportation for your child when needed. We would also like to thank our awesome administrative team of Principal Sahagun and Assistant Principal Ramos for all their encouragement and support with our Garfield students.

Go Garfield!!!



                        Garfield Elementary says "NO to drugs!" cause we're SMART!! 



We are a drug free campus and we fully support any initiative to prevent drugs from being around our wonderful children. Please support your child by speaking to them about being drug free and "Just saying NO!"


                       Pretty in Pink!!

Garfield staff supports Breast Cancer Awareness by wearing pink to show their support for all victims of breast cancer.  Everyday is a "pink" day.


                  Garfield's Student Council officers!

Garfield's Student Council officers for the 2015 - 2016 School year are....

President - Emily Arredondo

Vice-President - Rozlyn Sanchez

Secretary - Luciana DeLos Reyes

Treasurer - Max Moreno

Historian - Dallas "Dallie" Tamayo

We're looking forward to a great year of leadership with these Garfield Students! Please contact any of the officers if you have questions about Garfield or would like help with anything. They're here for you!!

Pictured are: Emily G. Arredondo, Luciana DeLos Reyes, Dallas Tamayo, Max Moreno (Rozlyn is not pictured) 



Cafeteria Notes: 


HI Parents!  

Time for hungry kids?! The cafeteria is ready to serve your hungry child for breakfast AND lunch! AND...They are doing is so much better with SFE!  SFE promotes healthy choices for lunch and our students are definitely enjoying and participating in the beautiful salad bar and choices they have for lunch.

Parents...feel free to join your child for lunch. As a parent you can purchase a meal if you'd like and sit with your child at the "family" tables and enjoy lunch and conversation with your kiddo. And lunch is yummy!!

Parents, also, if you'll be sure to check with the cafeteria for your child's balance fund. You may deposit more money anytime by visiting the Cafeteria staff to ensure your child's lunch money is available for them when they need it.  The cafeteria will no longer student to charge a meal. There MUST be money in your child's account to receive a hot tray.

The cafeteria personnel keep up with our students accounts and will notify you if your child's account has a charge on it for not having funds.  Please pay your child's lunch charges as soon as possible.  Lunch applications for a free or reduced lunch, are available at the Food Services office.  They are located behind the Pupil Services office. 

Parents, if your child does NOT want to eat what is provided on the menu, PLEASE send them with a lunch from home. They need the energy and "brain food" to be successful on a daily basis!  Thanks!

Thank you wonderful Garfield families !!


                                               Library Notes:

A/R is winding down!  The A/R program is winding down and the last day to turn in library books is this Friday April 20th. Double check with your child about their final A/R goal. The library is also rewarding students who have achieved their goal with a movie reward, so help your kiddos earn some fun!!

Strategies to help your child are to provide them with daily reading time so they can test and achieve their goal. Our librarian Ms. Ramon and her wonderful staff are ready to assist students and parents in checking out books. Keep up with your child's progress through the Renassaince Parent Connection.  If you have any questions regarding A/R and your child's goals feel free to ask their teacher about it, or contact our librarian Ms. Ramon. Also check with your child's teacher about the Parent Connection for Renaissaince. Happy reading!


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