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                                    Welcome to Garfield !
                                                                "Empowering Students to Achieve" 

Garfield's Mission Statement
Garfield Elementary exists to empower students to form, embrace, and achieve a vision for successful life-long learning by establishing a nurturing environment that promotes high expectations and positive relationships among family, school, and community.

Our Vision Statement
We the Garfield staff will provide a solid fountation enabling Garfield students to achieve high levels of academic performance while fostering positive growth in social/emotional behavior and attitude.

Our Belief Statement
We believe that all Garfield students will become life long learners. 

Where did January go! 

Wow!  This month FLEW by!  Next week we will have STAAR benchmark testing all week so parents, if you will PLEASE, be sure your child is here at school everyday, AND on time so we can show some great results in our scores. The kids have been working hard all year and next week will give us a glimpse as to how the students are really doing and what we need to do to try and ensure their success for the REAL STAAR test that begin at the end of March.

Thank you parents for all your support and please call your child's teacher if you have ANY questions about testing or any activities going on with our school. 

Awards Time !! 

Today our students received awards during their awards ceremony. The students and teachers alike were so proud of all the students accomplishments.  Thank you to all the parents that were able to come out and support your child.  It means a LOT to them!  We have an awesome bunch of kids here at Garfield and we're looking forward to great success at the next awards ceremony which will be April 24th after the end of the 4th six weeks.



                         We ARE Bully Free !!

Here at Garfield we participated in the National Bully Free week lead by our awesome counselor Mrs. D. Salinas.  Students dressed up to show their support and the Student Council put on a Bully Free presentation to present to the student body and parents.  Mrs. Diaz also read stories to the students after lunch to promote our "family togetherness" and show that a family who participates together will stand together STRONG against bullying. We encourage all parents and family to discuss bullying with your loved ones and help to end all bullying.

      (Mrs. Salinas and Mrs. Diaz addressing the student body about being a buddy and not a bully)



      Cafeteria Notes: 


Parents, The monthly lunch menu is sent home at the beginning of the month with your child.  It is on the back of the school monthly calendar.  Also, the lunch menu AND breakfast menu are on the San Felipe Del Rio Website and the calendar is on the front page of our website, on the LOWER left hand corner, under DOCUMENTS,  for you to view.  If your child does not want to eat the Lunch of the Day, then PLEASE send a lunch with them.  They are not allowed to share their lunch per the health code.  Thank you and please let us know if you have any questions regarding lunch. 

The cafeteria personnel keeps up with our students accounts and will notify you if your child's account has a charge on it for not having funds.  Please pay your child's lunch charges as soon as possible.  Lunch applications for a free or reduced lunch, are available at the Food Services office.  They are located behind the Pupil Services office.  Thank you !!


                   Our next Parent Night presentation will be in February!

ALL parents for ALL grade levels are welcome and asked to PLEASE join us for the presentation and informational session.


                   Garfield has team spirit and we show it in EVERYTHING we do"

We as a TEAM, parents, students, and staff, can help push our students, school, and community to be the BEST! At Garfield this means our TEAM Garfield IS...

Giving it our

   All to



             Ideas so


                    Learns through

                       Diversity !!

Let's go TEAM Garfield and "Begin with the end in mind" as we take on our day and look forward to the end of the year achieving success.  We will be ACTIVE to become PRO's!!

We can, and WILL, do it!! Si se puede!!



The STAAR Tests are approaching fast!!  Parents, we will benchmark next week, ALL week.  We look forward to fantastic results from our students. Please ask your child's teachers about benchmarking if you have any questions. Please be sure your child is here every day for benchmarking next week, and on time :)  It is vitally important to their success.  Thank you for your involvment in helping to make your child the best they can be!

There are new TEKS on the test (Texas Essential Knowledge & Skill objectives) put we plan on blasting them away with the knowledge the students will gain! Please ask your child about the new math TEKS According to TEA, the Texas Education Agency, and help them to master the TEKS so they will succeed. With the help of our parents, the instruction given by the staff, and our kids working hard they can, and WILL, achieve higher scores this year. It all starts now! We must help and support our kids so they can be the best they can be. Let's do it!


Library Notes:

We are at the beginning of our 4th six weeks so our students have new A/R goals to achieve.  Double check with your child about this six week A/R goal. Provide them with daily reading time so they can test and achieve their goal. Our librarian Ms. Ramon and her wonderful staff are ready to assist students and parents in checking out books. Keep up with your child's progress through the Renassaince Parent Connection.  If you have any questions regarding A/R and your child's goals feel free to ask their teacher about it. Also check with your child's teacher about the Parent Connection for Renaissaince. Happy reading!






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