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Del Rio High School serves students in grades 10 through 12. There are about 1,900 students on this 6A campus. We compete academically and athletically with other 6A high schools. DRHS students participate in UIL Athletics, UIL Academics, Vocational Technical, and music competitions.


2014-2015 Bell Schedule

Attendance Procedure

Cell Phone Usage Video

Student emails have been completed and are now available to students.  Students may set up their emails by logging in to their device and setting up their email address as follows: 

  1. Open up Internet Explorer (IE)- browser
  2. Go to web address at the top and enter the following:
  3. Sign in with their student account as follows:
  4. Hit enter…..password not needed at this point
  5. Student will be re-directed to district log-in.  Log-in as follows: 
    1. User name:
    2. Password:  student ID (unless they have changed their password)
    3. Set time zone, click save
    4. Click on Outlook at the top of the page
    5. Students are now ready to use their district sponsored email.  
    6. Students will also see their One Drive.  This is where students need to start saving their documents and files for safe storage and easier access.
    7. We set up some filters where students will not be able to see district staff emails, but they may send emails to teachers by entering the correct email address for their teachers.


Students are encouraged to save all files and documents on their OneDrive San Felipe Del Rio CISD.  It is very easy, now that we are all on Office 365.  When users have a Word, Excel, Power Point, etc…, and they want to save, they may save to One Drive San Felipe Del Rio CISD.  This is their district sponsored One Drive.  If they try to save to the non-district One Drive, they must set up a Microsoft account for personal use.


Teachers may set up shared folders in One Drive San Felipe Del Rio CISD for students and separate the folders by class, subject, etc….  They may add the student emails to each folder and each time they add a file, students in that shared folder will have access to that shared file. 


Abuse of emails or other network functions will result in account disabling pending disciplinary action as stated in the AUP.

DRHS Students and Parents:
Juniors/Seniors: If you do not have a lunch period, you will not be allowed to eat in your classroom.
Seniors: If you have opted to have an off campus period or two that means you will need to leave campus. You are not allowed to wander the hallways or stay in the library. If you cannot leave campus, you will be assigned a class. If you are behind on credits or have not passed TAKS/EOC, this is not an option for you.
If you have a question about these topics, please call our Lead Counselor: Laura Sandate at 778-4324.

Students are not allowed to be checked out during P.E. nor during 9th Period (2:45PM-3:30PM)
Only parents or guardians, noted on our records, may bring their child lunch.

If your child is going to be absent for more than one day, please call 778-4300 with his/hersting name and ID number so we can get their work gathered for you.

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Del Rio High School
100 Memorial Drive
Del Rio
Main Phone: 
(830) 778-4300