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Del Rio High School serves students in grades 10 through 12. There are about 1,900 students on this 6A campus. We compete academically and athletically with other 6A high schools. DRHS students participate in UIL Athletics, UIL Academics, Vocational Technical, and music competitions.

Class of 2015 Bench Dedication/ Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Students it is crucial you report a lost/stolen device to the library as soon as possible. We may be able to locate it. If you wait very long we cannot.   Remember you are responsible for paying for lost and or stolen devices.

Caps cannot be worn in the building at any time. Starting February 17, 2015, no more warnings. Caps will be taken and returned on the last day of school in June. No Exceptions!


Attention Students: In order to have the privilege to participate in any form in our DRHS Spring activities such as Mr. Aries, The Powder Puff Game, Men’s Volleyball game, Battle of the classes, Battle of the Bands, and the Prom you must be in good standing. Students that have excessive absences, owe fees at the cafeteria or library, and/or are failing more than one class during the 2nd semester may not participate in any of these types of activities.

Attention students: The parking spaces in front of Del Rio High School is for visitors only. Students and staff must park in their assigned parking lots. Students may purchase a parking pass in the Discipline office with a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance. Vehicles that are not parked in the appropriate areas will be booted and the owners will be fined.



Student E-mail

 Attendance Procedure

 Cell Phone Usage Video

 Anti-Bullying Brochure

Anti-Bullying Presentation


DRHS Students and Parents:

Students are not allowed to park at the Apartments across the street you may be subject to towing. You may purchase a permit to park at the DRHS Student Lot.

Students, help keep our school clean and safe, by picking your trays at lunch and planning them in the trash cans.


Juniors/Seniors: If you do not have a lunch period, you will not be allowed to eat in your classroom.
Seniors: If you have opted to have an off campus period or two that means you will need to leave campus. You are not allowed to wander the hallways or stay in the library. If you cannot leave campus, you will be assigned a class. If you are behind on credits or have not passed TAKS/EOC, this is not an option for you.
If you have a question about these topics, please call our Lead Counselor: Laura Sandate at 778-4324.

Students are not allowed to be checked out during P.E. nor during 9th Period (2:45PM-3:30PM)
Only parents or guardians, noted on our records, may bring their child lunch.



If your child is going to be absent for more than one day, please call 778-4300 with his/hersting name and ID number so we can get their work gathered for you.





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Del Rio High School
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