Elementary Education


To systematically move forward together to ensure the best quality education for all students. 



It is imperative that the District provides educational opportunities that will enable each student to develop to his full potential the knowledge and skills, and competencies that are needed to become a responsible member of society.

The elementary department works to ensure a complete alignment between the written curriculum, based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), the taught curriculum, based on the TEKS Resource System, and instructional resources, and the tested curriculum, from campus assessments to district benchmark assessments to the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) grades 3-5.

In addition, professional development aligned to the Planning Protocol is offered throughout the instructional year and in the summer to allow teachers the opportunity to improve their instructional practices.


2014-2015 Elementary District Initiatives

  1. Planning Protocol
  2. Writing Initiative
  3. Early Literacy
  4. Certifications for Critical Areas


Instructional Coaches for Elementary Education

School Coach Email
Buena Vista Elementary Eloisa Morales eloisa.morales@sfdr-cisd.org
Dr. Fermin Calderon Elementary Allison Mercier allison.mercier@sfdr-cisd.org
Dr. Lonnie Green Elementar Mona Casillas ramona.casillas@sfdr-cisd.org
Garfield Elementary Pamela Brewer pamela.brewer@sfdr-cisd.org
Lamar Elementary Jessica Voss jessica.voss@sfdr-cisd.org
North Heights Elementary Nancy Munoz nancy.munoz@sfdr-cisd.org
Ruben Chavira Elementary Debra Escamilla debra.escamilla@sfdr-cisd.org