Human Services


Grade: 10-11

This technical course addresses knowledge and skills related to child growth and development from prenatal through school-age children, equipping students with child development skills. Students use these skills to promote the well-being and healthy development of children and investigate careers related to the care and education of children.

Grade: 11-12


This course is designed to involve students in realistic and meaningful community based activities through direct service experiences. Students are provided opportunities to interact and provide services to individuals, families, and the community through community or volunteer services.



Grade: 9-12


The course is designed to address the special needs and interests of male and female students who are parents, who are pregnant, or who are expecting to become par-ents in the near future. Special emphasis is placed on prenatal care and development, postnatal care, child development, infant care, and parenting skills.


Grade: 12

This course provides occupationally specific training and focuses on the development of consumer services, early childhood development and services, counseling and mental health services, and family and community services careers.

Grade: 9-11

This course will enable students to investigate careers in the human services career cluster including counseling and mental health, early childhood development, family and community, and personal care services.